Stroud Registry Office Wedding

Wedding Photograph

“Our wedding day was definitely the happiest day of our lives together so far, you hear a lot of people say that but we had worked hard to ensure that all the pieces of the jigsaw were in place, everything was fantastic and a lot of treasured memories were made. We wanted our day to be informal, fun and reflecting our personalities and needed a Photographer that would not only reflect this in the pictures but would be a part of our celebration – for us that means a party atmosphere with photos that not only let you see people having a good time but you are able to feel it!
Simon did this with bells on! I’ve been to weddings in the past where guests have got weary of waiting for the seemingly endless parade of boring uninspired line ups that seem to be the norm or if you are involved in the immediate wedding party having to stand around for an absolute age often in the cold whilst posing in a way totally lacking originality with equally bored people who just want to be back with the party. This did not happen on our big day, we were able to enjoy every bit of our wedding without feeling we’d missed out or been unceremoniously plucked away from our guests and indeed having the pictures taken only enhanced the fun atmosphere. Simon’s photos show the whole story of the day from getting ready in the morning to our last dance late in the evening, not just the ‘bit in the middle’ which most couples tend to favour! When we went to see them and make our selection for our wedding album I cried as they brought to life the whole day all over again.
As the weeks pass and you only have your photos to bring back your wedding into sharp focus, we can’t stress enough how important it is to get your Photographer right as we can look at our pictures and remember everything. We would highly recommend Simon for your wedding or any special occasion, he has a natural ability to make you feel relaxed, enjoy yourself and forget the lens is pointing at you as well as being an experienced and refreshingly imaginative Photographer – thanks Simon you’re an absolute star!”