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Stonehouse Court Wedding

Stonehouse Court Wedding

“From the first time we met Simon it was clear that he absolutely loves photographing weddings! Simon is everything you could want from a photographer: he is professional, friendly, unobtrusive, and most importantly enthusiastic. From first meeting him we felt like he was completely committed to capturing the day in a way that was right for us.
Really, I think his photographs speak for themselves. As soon as he showed us his portfolios from other weddings we knew we had to hire him. Yet when it came to the photographs for our own wedding Simon still managed to go above and beyond our expectations. We had completely the right mix of formal and informal shots, and all the special moments and emotions from the day were captured beautifully. One thing Simon is excellent at putting everybody at ease with his laid back approach. His relaxed and humorous manner also put all of our guests at ease and the results of this really shine through in the photographs. Simon is a very talented photographer, somehow managing to be in 5 places at once and capture it all. He doesn’t force staged moments, but somehow happens to be there when those moments happen naturally. We have had endless compliments on our photographs, and have been recommending Simon to people since. Not only did he give us some beautiful photographs we will cherish, but getting to know him and having him around on the day itself was just an absolute pleasure”

With love,

P.S.I didn’t mention it in the reference but when you came back to Stonehouse later in the evening to give us those prints we could take with us to Australia it was just amazing, and you really went above and beyond for us, we dont forget it! We really really appreciated it and those prints are now standing proud in our new home in Australia.

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