The Barn at Berkeley Wedding Venue

Barn at Berkeley

During our wedding preparations we realised there were two important things (apart from the obvious) we needed to get right. The band and the photographer. Whilst the former gives you the immediate thrills on the day, the latter captures all those memories so you can remember them long into married life. In Simon we could not have picked a better photographer for this task, he not only captured the essence of our day, he did so with such enthusiasm that it rubbed off on to all of our guests. The great thing about Simon is that he really gets to know you as a couple which not only put our nerves to rest but also meant that he knew exactly what kind of shots to capture on the day. This attention does not only last for the day of the wedding, he is also extremely professional and attentive when it comes to going through the photos afterwards and making sure they look as great as possible. Whether that is from the way he treats each individual photo like it is as important as the last or the fact he provides you with a glass or amazing Red wine and the most delightful homemade cookies (A Thank you must go to his wife there i think!). My wife and I would happily and enthusiastically recommend him to not only our friends but anyone else we don’t know who is looking for someone to capture the happiest day of their life! Thank you so much Simon for all of your hard work, it all paid off with the lovely album we now have!