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Painswick Wedding Venue

Rococo Gardens Wedding Couple Kissing

Rococo Gardens is a fabulous place for wedding photography. Painswick House was built in the Eighteenth century when Charles Hyett, who suffered with asthma, came to Painswick to distance himself from the then smog ridden Gloucester. It was Benjamin, his son, who created the beautiful Garden in a hidden valley behind the House. The walk up the grassy hill to the Red House for a beautiful open air feel makes even the photographer shed a tear. I can imagine that this is how weddings were in years gone by. As you’ve probably worked out, I love photographing weddings and I particularly love photographing weddings at the Rococo Gardens.

Rococo Gardens Wedding walking up the aisle

I have photographed many weddings at Rococo Gardens, it was voted in the top 50 places to get married and I completely understand why. There are many little nooks and crannies to get sublime photographs that will have an air of class forever. Rococo Gardens is situated between Painswick and Gloucester and is only a couple of miles from my home.

Rococo Gardens Painswick Reflections wedding couple


This is the wedding of Libby and Andy at the beautiful Rococo Gardens  followed by the reception at Cotswolds88.

Here are a selection of shots chosen from 400. (Opens in a new window). You are welcome to see all of them.